Trading Software Company &
IT Consulting Firm In Chicago
Trading App Development

InfoSysTrade is a software company for any kind of trading software development or trading IT consulting job.

Software Development
Server side, trading, web, mobile & big data apps: whatever the domain, we deliver simplified, scalable, and extensible systems featuring quick growth and easy maintenance.

IT & Software Consulting
InfoSysTrade is one of the most versatile software consulting firms in Chicago, having expertise in infrastructure, software, and database administration.

We are here 24/7
Our teams offer continued support and maintenance after deployment. When something does go wrong, our 24/7 support staff immediately provides quick resolution.

Prototype. Design. Deliver.

InfoSysTrade’s teams rapidly prototype, design, and deliver high quality software. We are experts at creating mobile apps, web applications, desktop applications, and more. Our proven methodology results in stable, secure, and high-performance software for less than what others charge.

Setting the Standard

We have come to serve Chicago’s leading trading and e-commerce firms through our excellent reputation for producing reliable, scalable, and complete solutions. We are the standard for Technology & IT consulting and are Chicago’s premier software consultant.


We are experts in designing, developing, and maintaining software for all companies, small to large, that demand the highest quality. We are the standard when it comes to custom app and web development.


We take care of big data concerns, whether you simply need database consultants or need someone to professionally house all of your data. No amount of data is too large for us.


We specialize in highly performant applications and infrastructure that deliver real time data under deadlines measured in milliseconds.


Our broad range of expertise allows us to navigate you through any software, database, IT, or general technology issues that you may encounter.


Experts in rapid prototyping and development of large, scalable, modern apps for any domain including e-commerce, order entry, trading, and more.


We are here 24/7 with immediate phone and online support, and even proactively monitor, administrate, and maintain your systems.